Welcome to GetInsideTech: Brief Overview – Technological Advancements

Welcome to GetInsideTech: Brief Overview – Technological Advancements

Hello, World! Welcome to the GetInsideTechs first blog post. I'm super excited to start this journey of publishing intriguing content on the Internet. For now, take in mind the following absorbing facts and get to know me better, as well as my goal with this Blog Post. And don't forget: Enjoy! ...

Looking through history, we can find that technology advancements many times stagnated (stopped progressing for a while), or even degraded.  But what's remarkable is that conform many historians - continuous and uninterrupted innovation that began around the time of the Industrial Revolution, in the late (18th century) has created an enormous wave of tech enthusiasm-  and until now this enthusiasm hasn't stopped. In fact, the opposite effect has been seen. For instance, take in mind this example: every twelve to eighteen months, computers double their capabilities, and so do the information technologies that use them.


Evolution of Transistors Size (2000 - 2020)

Nowadays, our computing power and sensor capabilities are starting to quantify cellular and molecular structures easily and cheaply.  Furthermore, our tools better than ever before, are able to manipulate molecules  (Something that was dreamed in Fiction movies in the 80's).

Even more than that, today small companies are creating the paradigm changes that were the domain of universities, large corporations, and government agencies. Boosting this logic perception 1000 times and (going to the future 20 years) -  we will see kids - creating micro processors on their garages (next generation Puzzles).

Today we have transistors only 10x bigger than the size of an atom in every single computer or phone. If we can do this today, what will be like in twenty years, when technology will be a "million" times better?

Following that evolution rate, we can estimate that in the next 18 to 20 years, technological advancements will be hundreds of thousands to a million times more advanced. We will see Three Dimensional processors and memory drivers along with Biological, photon, and quantum computing - on every person's smart watch (exaggerated - but theoretically possible).

In fact, Bio, nano, robotics and computer technology will become so rapid, so advanced, and so profound that today's limited understanding does not allow us to describe, within reason, what life will be like.

How do you think are we supposed to get to That Level?

Well, one thing is evident if no one will take action - this statistics and expectations above will not be possible, and the world’s enthusiasm will halt, just like happened often times in the past. Luckily, you’re not one of those persons who doesn't cares about technology, you certainly are a person that wants to see that in action in the next years. But let’s make it even better - what if you could have the knowledge to contribute to that innovation/evolution?

I’m glad to inform you that you’re in the right place, WELCOME to GET_INSIDE_TECH. The interesting thing is that you can get it all for FREE, yes you can learn thousands of innovative things about technology on this Blog.

Who's Behind it all?

My name is Egor, and I'm the geek behind this Website, this Idea and of course this Blog.

Egor Belibov

That's Me - I Love Programming

Technology has always been my passion. (All that has to do with computer science, circuits, programming, artificial intelligence, ... makes my passion grow even more, every single day).

Since 8 years old I've been in touch with computers and since then I've been learning a lot about the fabulous world of Technology. My goal with this Blog is to share the information I learn every single day with the whole world and make everyone Get Inside The World of Technology, literally. Because, 'yes': The World of Technology is one of the best things there is.Nowadays, Technology rules the World so the only way you can have an impact on its well being - it's by learning, as much as you can about it.

Nowadays, Technology rules the World so the only way you can have an impact on its well being - it's by learning, as much as you can about it.

I've developed this Website - and my part is to contribute to creating weekly content for this Blog, but I'm not the only member of GetInsideTech. Go the GetInsideTechs ABOUT-PAGE to discover more about the GetInsideTech Members. Our Goal is mentioned below.

 What can you expect from GiT(Get Inside Tech) Blog?

Since this is a Tech Blog, obviously you'll be able to learn tons of things about Technology and it's Beautiful Science, but here are some things that make it divergent from all the other tech blogs out there:

  • Since every week there are hundreds of new products and concepts being launched and announced - I’m really eager to share with you the latest news and technology announcements to make you informed about what’s happening in the outside world of technology - but not only that I'll try to do my best to explain how those technologies work/from what they've originated, and so much more;
  • The main Focus, though: Is to Get You Inside Tech - Which means you’ll learn hundreds of things about the different technologies. How they work, what makes them work that way, what compares to them, what is the history behind that technology, etc.;
  • In other words,  all that is related to (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Digital System, Programming, Software Guides, Product Reviews, Tech News, etc. - you'll be able to learn.
  • There are a lot of delightful things about technology - and this Blog is all about this interesting things.

Why Should you Join?

Well, that is up to you, but if you will constantly read this Blog Posts I promise you'll not be disappointed. Instead of wasting all your time on YouTube (which in deed is an exceptional platform, by no means), you will be able to read a slew of things about Technology and share it all with your friends when you'll be across them. (One of the ways you can constantly stay in touch with our content is to join our newsletter, if you haven't done that yet, please Click Here).

Finally - Take this Quote in mind:

            A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
Bruce Lee,

       Please for your own sake, BE WISE!  and JOIN GetInsideTech newsletter in order to not lose any of the outstanding things we have in mind to share with you - that will change your perspective on the world of  Technology.
Let's get all together into the World of Technology

Thank You for Reading This Blog Post







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