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It always feels good to learn new things. Most of the times, in the world of technology you don't have any other choice other than learning new things, every single day. 
This Blog is meant, not only for the tech beginners that are looking to grow their knowledge on almost every aspect of " computer "(related) stuff, but also for experienced people that are looking for improving their knowledge.
ONE GOAL: Get YOU into the World of Tech (GET INSIDE TECH).
We really hope that you take the most out of this Blog. (START LEARNING)

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When it comes to science, technology, engineering... There's nothing better than the words of some experienced ones.
Although we are not expert on this issues, far from it - You can learn a whole lot with us... (☻)
Below you can see the members of Get Inside Tech (Contributors).



Egor Belibov

CEO / FOUNDER & Web Developer 

Jónatas teixeira

Executive Director / Writer

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