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#wORLDWIDE# the number of internet
users is running towards  #7,521,054,013, I++

I= 3,542,075,918, I++ 

     ////////////////---------- in other words -----------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

            int population = getCurrentPopulation();
int count = 3,542,074,918;        

do {                                          
                                         count += 1;  // Access to the Internet is Growing Fast!  
   wait(3); //Wait 3s Method;   

NOWADAYS, WE ARE all  CONNECTED by the internet BUT: 

 *  How is that even  possible ?

 *  What is the Internet ?

 *  How do  computers work ?

 *  What is Security ?


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We post the best content about tech (on a weekly basis).   // Furthermore, you can find amazing explanations /  information about technology #that can help -   enjoy the use of your  Electronic Devices (Knowing how everything works).

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